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Coarse vs Fine Threads

Coarse Threads

For most applications, course threads offer these advantages:
  • Easier and faster assembly, providing a better start with less chance of cross threading.
  • Nicks and burrs from handling are less liable to affect assembly.
  • They are less likely to seize in temperature applications and in joints where corrosion will form.
  • Less prone to strip when threaded into lower strength metals.
  • More easily tapped in brittle materials and or materials that crumble easily.

Fine Threads

Fine threads may make for a superior fastener for applications with specific strength or other requirements.
  • They are about 10% stronger that coarse threads due to their greater cross-section area.
  • In very hard materials, fine threads are easier to tap.
  • They can be adjusted more precisely because of their smaller helix angle.
  • Where length of engagement is limited, they provide greater strength.
  • Thinner wall thickness can be used because of their smaller thread cross section.