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Self-reversing CNC tapping attachments

For vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, for continuous production. Extended spindles and interchangeable shanks available.

Models Available
RCT50 M4.5-M12
RCT85, 100 M10-M27
RDT M1-M12
RCT150 M25-M42
RCTXT50 M4.5-M12
ASR, RSR M2.5-M16
Synchronized Tapping

Synchronized Tapping

For rigid tapping on CNC machines with/without internal coolant, ER collets or Quick Change.

Models Available
Tension compression tap chucks

Tension compression tap chucks

For use on CNC machining centers, lathes and all machines with controlled feed when tapping cycle is not synchronized.

Models Available
SM M1.4-M30
TA M1-M48
TIC M3-M36
NC M2-M48
Self-reversing manual tapping attachments

Self-reversing manual tapping attachments

Automatic reverse with increased reverse ratio. For manually operated drilling and milling machines.

Heavy duty self-reversing tapping attachment also for machines with automatic feed

Models Available
RX M1.4-M20
X M0.5-M30
TC/DC M1.4-M18
SPD M1.4-M42


P - Positive Drive adapters
T - Torque control adapters
Rubber flex collets
ER Collets
Clamping nuts
Sealing disks
Torque Wrenches
Torque Bars
CNC Shanks
In machine marking
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In machine marking

Marking tools for in machine marking.

Models Available  
TapWriter® Dot peen marking tool.
ScribeWriter® Force II Scribing Tool.
MH Stamping head.

OMG North America

Angle Heads, Spindle Speeders, and Multispindle Heads